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9 / 10

Todd Terje  Ragysh RUNNING BACK (RBCR-78, 12” + digital)

Is this really a record by Todd Terje? You will ask yourself that when you hear “Snooze 4 Love”, the first cut on the B-side of a vinyl of which the tracklist is wrong, for this is an A-side, period. And you’ll keep asking all kinds of questions, frowning and drooling, as this marvellous instrumental track plays on. The thing is, if it weren’t for that conga appearing when the track is well underway, there’s very little (nu) disco or even a bit of Balearic to be heard on this track. What we do hear is a synth line on a piece of melodic deep techno, on its own at first and later joined by a beat, shaker, claps, snare and bassline, metallic and warm at the same time. Added to that are some non-cosmic pads that place the tune in the tradition of Detroit.

And then the glorious minute 3.16 comes, with a 30-second break where those pads remain on their own with the main melody, which disappears as the track starts up again, after a 100% Detroit climax, with nothing but a bassline which is the star for the remainder of the tune. The melody returns a bit later, in the tremendous final part, with the last 49 seconds beatless. When it’s finished, you realise that you have just gone very, very far. So much beauty, what eight minutes of happy melancholy! You have stopped asking questions and come to the conclusion that Todd Terje is big producer and that this is huge.

The rest of the record isn’t half bad, either, no filler here. In fact, “Ragysh”, the A-side, is another bombshell, the most dancefloor-directed track, too, very Detroit, with those typical (Roland) synth lines, a minimal melody that starts a minute after the disco-ish beat opens the song, backed by a percussion sample, possibly a wink to the intro of Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass”. That one minute is the only reference to disco on the whole EP. “Bonysh”, the second track on side A (probably a combination of “bonus” and “Ragysh”), is some kind of DJ tool with elements of “Ragysh” –with the Blondie sample playing from start to finish– and could be seen as the dancefloor dub of the track. The digital version includes a second, ambient version of “Snooze 4 Love”, with pads and melody but beatless, in the vein of the bonus tracks on the EPs of Border Community. An absolute gem.

Luis Costa

Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love

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