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NUMBERS (NMBRS4, 12” + digital)

Let’s imagine a feather that weighs a ton. That is "Quotes." Imagine an elephant that had won a leading role in a Russian ballet. That is "Quotes." It is so -metaphorically, of course- because these tracks being written by a young debutante of whom we know little more than that he's Joy Orbison's friend are creations of an apparently frivolous nature, floating in space but hidden beneath the anchor-shaped of huge sub-bass waves. The synopsis of the three tracks of the EP follows: sweet as pie female warbles that conclude in a sound similar to the gold-coated melodies of a bird’s trill while being crushed by the aforementioned heavy and rough bassline, with the force of a charging bull. "PClart" magically grows from a simple combination of battle grime and old school 2step gems elements. But what Kavsrave does, it sounds not dirty or effeminate, achieving a balance for those who wait for the bass to disappear like coin money falling from the sky - Skream or Digital Mystikz fans, raise your hand- and those who prefer home-style listening á la Burial. However, those Londoners’ approach is arty, futuristic, departing from the old school of dubstep and sittimg comfortably within the brand new school - with Joker and Deadboy at the helm -by listening to "Tightly Closed"- picking apart the beauty and concentrating on the rawness, Kavsrave seems to be the new Bristolian Prince teachers’ pet, incorporating Joy Orbison’s overwhelming passion. Note down his name, because from now on Jamie Kavanaugh -his real name- has a mission: to astonish us again as with "Baggage Handler" while growing and recovering the helium vocals from the old rave, now in a post-dubstep context. There’s plenty of 2010 left. There is time. He can.

Javier Blánquez


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