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Dam Mantle Purple Arrow EP GROWING RECORDS (GROWING1, 12” + digital)

In the ungrateful game of comparisons that is played so much in the music press, Dam Mantle has got two that, today, could come in really handy for them when finding an audience and keep climbing the hype ladder. One is Becoming Real, with whom they’ve already crossed paths on a remix single by Seams and with whom they have in common great skills in dislocating beats and approaching an ironic kind of IDM rather than a broken and deconstructed kind of hip-hop. The other comparison, precisely because of that IDM with happy and illuminated notes, would be Gold Panda, for whom Tom Marshallsay –another piece of the complex and heavily populated Glaswegian post-everything scene– has already remixed the single “You” for the digital release on Ghostly. “Purple Arrow EP”, the sequel to “Grey EP” and his first real release on 12”, contains four reasons more to think that Dam Mantle is on the right track and that, little by little, he will have to move away from all those supposed influences in order to fly solo and imperial, like the eagle, over this non-genre under construction that isn’t dubstep nor hip-hop, nor a bedroom studio jigsaw puzzle –and of which Mount Kimbie, of course, are the best example– but that does define a new way of understanding horizontality in off-club electronica. These tracks – “Two Women” and it’s X-Box remix, African voices and rhythmic manoeuvres that can be labelled as wonky; “Broken Slumber”, devoted to Goldpandism; which could also be said of “Theatre”– they’re hardly going to work on the dancefloor, but they can’t be listened to passively while walking in the park: it’s autistic and nervous music that demands a mental, private and high-spirited space. Javier Blánquez

Dam Mantle - Theatre

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