Proudly Presents Modeselektion vol. 01 #2 Proudly Presents Modeselektion vol. 01 #2


Modeselektor ModeselektorProudly Presents Modeselektion vol. 01 #2

8 / 10

Modeselektor Proudly Presents Modeselektion vol. 01 #2 MONKEYTOWN RECORDS (MONKEYTOWN 004, 12”)

It’s a known fact that Modeselektor like one thing: fatness. Their music is obese, adjoins with the electro and rave music liked by common knife-pullers. It has claxons and explosion sounds and blows up your speakers; and their basslines are fat, too, they love sub-basses and had it not been for the touch of hard techno and a freaky sense of humour, you could say they were Scottish than German. Maybe they are one of the few Berlin residents –along with DJ Maxximus– who have steered clear of minimal and that’s why they’re still here, a prestigious reference point on the conjunction of IDM and barbarism, instead of walking the path to the elephant cemetery along with so many other producers. The “Proudly Presents Modeselektion” series, soon out on CD, sees it’s second release and showcases the obvious love of dubstep of Gernot and Sebastian: they commissioned pieces from 2562 “The Wind-Up”, a funky house and techno hybrid with cut-off beats, oscillating basslines and 2step voices–, Shed “With Bag And Baggage”, mixing early Kenny Larkin spatial excursions with Seiji or Domu-like broken beat–, and last but not least, a dirty piece from SBTRKT ( “The Unspoken”), bombastic, bleepy, like a cross between Night Slugs and the old hardcore of northern England. There isn’t much more to it: Modeselektor asked for and got the music they like to play out, which, in general, is, as we said, fat like a diary cow. At the end of the day, if you have blind faith in these two, this vinyl should be your ten commandments.

Javier Blánquez

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