Producer #2 Remix Ep Producer #2 Remix Ep


dBridge dBridgeProducer #2 Remix Ep

8 / 10

dBridge  Producer #2 Remix Ep FAT CITY (FC12035, 12” + digital)

To read the names dBridge and Ramadanman on a vinyl label is something capable of instantly cheering up a lot of people. For me, it’s enough of a guarantee to take the record off the shelve and to give it a chance at the store’s decks. I nearly always buy records by dBridge. I think he’s great at bit by bit steering away us from drum’n’bass to try to fusion, breakbeat and other styles, in particular techno, and in general levelling the plane for something of a new take off. Here there are also contributions from Ramadanman, who is normally at the forefront of intertwining deep house and dubstep. In this instance, there is a unbalancing factor: Shed, who unlike some others I won’t listen to the record before paying for it, preferring to have the first preview at home. I must confess I had withdrawal symptoms from the new productions by the Berliner –and with an album release already scheduled for the end of this summer, I can hardly wait any longer. His remix of “ ZX81” by dBridge (the original was included on the Fat City series “Producer #2”) concentrates on everything we want from him: the arrhythmic beat, half way between jazz syncopation and broken techno, whilst the harmonies double up: one belongs to the cold texture post-Basic Channel (that ends up sounding like Martyn) and the other one to the angelical blow of Kenny Larkin’s pads. Berlín-Detroit-London: a perfect triangle. I feel for Ramadanman, though: his remix with tribal incursions is adequate but not at the same level of the flip side. Richard EllmanndBridge - ZX81 (Ramadanman Rmx)


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