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Rrose  Primary Evidence SANDWELL DISTRICT (SD 16, 12”)

Secretion” sounds like something similar to getting sucked into a jet motor and turning into pulp. Without counting the final four minutes of the very long A-side, where the bass drum disappears and only some noisy buzzing remains, the first cut signed by the mysterious Rrose is a rhythmical grinder in the form of martial techno with touches of acid: cutting snares like battle-hatches, a kick drum harder and cleaner than a diamond and a disturbing dirty frequency, always in the background, increasing the intensity until it explodes in industrial pandemonium. Who are Rrose? As usual for Sandwell District, hardly any information is given and it’s all left to speculation. Some say there is more than one person behind the project, that it’s a collaboration (i.e. two well-known figures spending time in the recording studio), and it wouldn’t surprise me if Regis, Silent Servant, Surgeon or another of the usual suspects were involved with the project.

But it doesn’t matter who’s behind it. The what is much more important, because not only is “Secretion” a kick in the teeth, “Bare Hand”, nine minutes of techno turmoil, also reaches the level required of the cold, violent but at the same time meticulously produced sound from the Anglo-German school (the axis Birmingham-Berlin, with some stops at Adam X and Ralphi Dee’s old New York), reproducing the pattern of the A-side but with more space, a little slower and more acid like. Burner..

Javier Blánquez

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