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Noaipre NoaiprePretty Psycho / Anxiety Square

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Noaipre Pretty Psycho / Anxiety Square ARKESTRA (ARKST002, 10” + digital)

For those of us who lick our lips with future beats, the Spanish Arkestra community is a thing of pride. Arkestra as a collective, that is, because they have only relatively recently started operating as a label. I have here their second release, which serves as a means of introducing another crew member. Nohe Rodríguez, alias Noaipre, makes his debut with the responsibility of continuing the legacy of his musical mentors Mwëslee and BFlecha, from whom he has inherited much. The baroque structuring, the use of vocal loops, the over-syncopated groove, that constant feeling of watching a wheel turn in an octagonal form and that swollen flow attitude; so much so that it even feels ambiguous and you don’t know if they’re really caricaturing orthodox hip-hop or if they are really feeling it more than anyone.

On one side we have “ Pretty Psycho”: a frontal collision of Glaswegian wonky, Scandinavian skweee and a myriad of eighties references. The strident vocal loop galloping on the rhythm and marking the transitions is a very sophisticated detail for a debut release. It’s the female touch possibly inherited from Bflecha, also evident in the playful synthesisers. On the other side, “ Anxiety Square”: here Noaipre loses the female touch the vocal loops, synths and violins give. Bleaker and, above everything, grimier, the Spanish producer plays with fewer ingredients but more sensations. The title of the track is self-explanatory, as the track evolves you feel the anxiety of the next beat arriving, of the syncopation establishing. And while little by little you go crazy, your rhythmic sense is having a great time trying to follow the arrhythmia. If they told me this came from the Numbers clan, I’d believe them. Mónica Franco

ARKST002 B1 Noaipre - Anxiety Square by ARKESTRA

ARKST002 A1 Noaipre - Pretty Psycho by ARKESTRA

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