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Avus, Poppy EP BORDER COMMUNITY (28BCd, digital)

Of the Border Community family, Avus has always been the most undisciplined, the boy who never adjusted completely to any particular pattern, not even acid house –no matter how much 303 references in his MySpace URL - and he hasn’t always been a gregarious follower of the subtle connections between psychedelic trance/cosmica (depends on the era) and melodic IDM, with which the house of Holden distinguishes itself. He comes and goes, alternates smoothness with attempts to get into the dance mainstream, sometimes he’s accessible and others he shows his noisy side. That’s his charm, his unpredictable quality. And, once more, Avus breaks the pattern and comes up with an EP –only available digitally, for now- that comes close to the sound palette of Italo disco. We could generalise and say that, more than Italo, what Scott Edwards pursues is a very personal re-creation of all the cosmic influences he’s been soaking up over the years –virtually impossible to avoid them these days-, and in that sense he’s connecting fully again with his label boss, who on his latest mix CD, “DJ Kicks”, also chooses to lose himself in outer space. The first cut, “Poppy”, is the most retro one, directed by an arpeggio a la “Hypnotic Tango” but at the same time with the most obvious development: ideal for prime time at the club, it also is an easy option to lift the spirits. The rest of the EP however is quite different: “Little Adventures” starts out as ambient, then moves on to Krautrock abstractions, “Wide Mouth Frog” also has a motorik rhythm and a funny melody and “Reality Itself” almost cancels the beat to support itself on real-time manipulations of analogue equipment, fully in line with Holden’s present preferences and certain kosmische productions by Four Tet. It would be a crime if “Poppy Ep” didn’t come out on vinyl. Javier Blánquez Avus - Poppy (Border Community) Avus - Poppy (Border Community)


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