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PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (PP001, 12”)Little over a month ago, “Satin Panthers”, his most recent EP on Warp, was released. This new slab of wax could indicate Hudson Mohawke is on a roll, at a creative peak that sees him produce and release at diabolical speed. But that's not the case. Many of the tracks on “Pleasure”, starting with the title cut and followed by “Freek”, appeared online months ago, on YouTube and other channels. At the start of 2010, HudMo was still the playful producer he was when he started out, when he released the 12” “Ooops!” on LuckyMe (with that tremendous Tweet mash-up). He still had a preference for bastardizing R&B, commercial rap and new jack swing with his own beats; elastic, fat and baroque, in the vein of the wonky school, which was starting at the time. Then came the album on Warp: an era when the releases followed each other less frequently, when our man was maturing and perfecting his sound.

Why does “Pleasure” appear now? First of all, because these past-time things by the young Mohawke are worth releasing on vinyl. The title and the name of the label come from “The Pleasure Principle”, Janet Jackson's first single used for the first mash-up, with the original voice intact and all electro-funk instrumentation replaced with broken beats and whirling bass lines. Then comes “Freek” ( “Freek’n Me” by Jodeci), “Turn Me Off” (Keri Hilsom feat. Lil Wayne), “Somebody” (remake of Aaliyah) and “Party Animal” - a reconstruction of a Gucci Mane song, with all the dirty south sounds erased and turned into an impeccable HudMo production. He offers a panoramic view on the urban sound of the eighties - with extra funk, brilliant synths and oblique rhythm structures - connecting the dots between wonky and the mainstream productions of the past. Yes, this music shouldn't be confined to YouTube only: it should be played in clubs with a crisp sound and in all of its playful power. Let's not kid ourselves: the best HudMo ever might be this one.

Javier Blánquez


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