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7 / 10

Midland Play The Game EP PHONICA RECORDS (PHONICA005, 12” + digital)

So far we have only heard one vinyl record by Midland: a 12” with Ramadanman on the Aus Music label on which the starring role was taken, at least viewed from the outside, by the post-dubstep superstar. Now the Londoner is going solo –with a remix by Dexter (the Dutchman, not the serial killer) and a vocal contribution by Furiku so that he won’t feel alone– for Phonica records. Its sonic intentions are completely now, blending house with broken rhythms and crepuscular Bruialesque dubstep moods all on one track. In other words, we are in Ramadanman territory (future garage or future bass, whatever they call it these days) but slightly less ravey, less street, a tad artier. Midland’s sound wants to sound swollen and strong at times, and aspires to perfection in this hybrid of house and dubstep –or house with echoes, which is something that deep down isn’t very original: there’s fifteen years of excavations in private record collections to prove it– but with progressive inclinations. Sincerely, “Play The Game” and “Leitmotiv” sound more like dubstep versions of Layo and Bushwacka! than a house version of Pangea to me, in spite of the fact that Midland inserts the muffled and spectral voices Burial should be charging royalties for (the same can be said about “Heads Down”). Anyway, the muscle Midland is looking for is only half flexed: Dexter’s remix of “Play The Game”, with passionate synthetic strings, a tough bass drum and Detroit synths, might show less beauty but is much more powerful. In all, a useful 12” for any kind of DJ. Ronald Fritze

Midland - Play the game Ep (PHONICA005) by Midland

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