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It shouldn’t be for Nokia to claim the slogan “connecting people”: that capability is Kieran Hebden’s only, who has been releasing impressive split singles on his own label for a while now, coming together with many of the important artists of today’s music scene. Recently he released his single shared with Burial and now there are two more, suddenly and almost without us having been able to recover from the previous one. We’re not going to talk about the threesome he set up between Four Tet, Burial and Thom Yorke, but rather about this no less important get together between the boss and Daphni, the new moniker of Dan Snaith ( Caribou) for his new dance enterprises that perhaps came about to break the monotony and avoid exclusivity problems with the label that releases his albums. His appearance here alone is already a major event. Four Tet and Caribou have maintained a close friendship for years, almost like twin souls, which had so far not resulted in a shared recording. But now, the moment has arrived.

“Pinnacles” is Four Tet’s and “Ye Ye” Caribou’s; so there’s no crossing paths, nor any exchanging of ideas. But there is an interesting stylistic transvestism, because the Daphni we hear on “Ye Ye” is different from the Caribou on “Swim”, far from the pop structure and diving deep into the waters between techno and disco, like LCD Soundsystem. It’s as if the palpable influence of Arthur Russell in the recent works of Caribou were infected by the spacious 4x4 virus of early Detroit techno: the piece starts floating, vibrant, structured like a continuous crescendo during which the tension never ceases, with the club always as prime objective. “Pinnacle” doesn’t sound so new to Four Tet’s music, by comparison, although the techno bombardment is there, too, wrapped in breezy jazz phrasing. This 12” will go straight to number one in the best DJs charts.

Pinnacles by Four Tet

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