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Pineapple Crush Lone MAGIC WIRE RECORDINGS (Magic 01, 10” + digital)

Yesterday Matt Cutler’s work was exalted, different –remember the albums “Lemurian” (2008), with its instrumental hip-hop miniatures and melodies of infantile nostalgia between Onra and Boards Of Canada, and the more perfected “Ecstasy & Friends” (Werk, 2009)– and today he’s doing stuff rooted in house. That’s what we call “progressing in your career” and it’s doubly a good thing because in no way does it look like Lone has been making up anything, yet he could be revolutionising the scene formerly known as “wonky”. What he does is always reminiscent of something we have known and enjoyed before, but he is not just another producer and he is able to –a mystery worth investigating– achieve making what he’s cooked up sound like a discovery, fresh and capable of change the look on your face. This kind of house –which is eminently retro, deep and pretty Warpian: “Angel Brain” sounds like an old hit from the bleep era, very Orbital, 808 State and the Nightmares On Wax of “Feel It”– is the kind Lone started to show when he gave his tune “Once In A While” to Kode9 to use for his “DJ Kicks”. “Once In A While” and its tribute to Mr. Fingers is still not out on vinyl, in spite of Werk saying it will be soon, but in this short period of time Cutler has had the opportunity to create his own label, Magic Wire Recordings, and release “Pineapple Crush”, another retro piece of work that could have been recovered from the Network archives. At the end of the day, Lone is from Nottingham and the tradition of northern hardcore, with its powerful bass lines and its stabbing riffs, is in his genes as much as the colour of his eyes and the shape of his nose.

Javier Blánquez

Lone - Pineapple Crush by subraw

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