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FaltyDL, Phreqaflex PLANET MU (Ziq277, 12” + digital)

One of the paradoxes of the “future garage” label is that there is nothing innovative nor futuristic about it. The future already happened about ten years ago when the 2step sound reinvented the rhythmic palette of New York garage with clean and precise breakbeats like baroque sculptures. Every beat was a perfect part of a percussive whole -the vocals, the bass and the breaks formed a complex labyrinth of harmonies and disparate speeds- which deserved to be in favour in its day and which today, thanks to craftsmen like FaltyDL, gets a second chance. Maybe it’s strange to label this garage “future”, even though essentially –because it’s a revival with no big changes- it’s still as visionary as it used to be, only without the surprise factor this time. Here, New Yorker Drew Lustman recovers his passion for the effervescent house of his neighbour Todd Edwards and rolls out three pieces -remember, he used to be a sushi master- of irregular geometry with unmistakable taste: house with notes like fists punching a mattress of breaks ( “Phreqaflex”), ephemeral divas who let out notes with voices like sirens in the Aegean and start the fire of passionate sex ( “Because You”) and garage with lots of torrential soul ( “My Friends Will Always Say…”). FaltyDL is an important man, not because he is great at uniting IDM, dubstep and UK garage with geeky proficiency, but as a man who is knows the past he sees it’s of incalculable value and the necessity to bring it back to the front. He has a mission and we have to support him. Claude T. Hill

FaltyDL - Phreqaflex by Discotetris


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