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8 / 10

Flying Lotus Pattern+Grid World WARP (WAP308, 12” + CD + digital)

Judging from the way this is produced I have to assume Steve Ellison has emptied himself completely with the recording of “Cosmogramma”; that is an apparently mental record, but at the same time made from the gut. The ideas come up energetically, become definite with a dizzying speed, renew themselves constantly, there seems to be an eagerness for novelty that has nothing to do with the calm reflection of experimental music. Flying Lotus’s thing is uncontrolled energy and everything on “Cosmogramma”, I think, is what he could give at the time. What didn’t end up on the record, unfortunately, had only one destiny: the trash can. This EP of little more than 19 minutes just has to seem smaller in comparison with the record it descends from. It’s not really a single with rejects but rather a collection of tunes that Lotus has been creating since the release of his third album and which have served to make his live gigs more consistent. Therefore, it’s another energy that is perceived on “Pattern+Grid World”. Before, it was the creation of a universe, a cosmogony; here it’s the creation of details, like the separation of heaven and earth or the making of animals and plants. They are seven short grooves of virtuoso breakbeats (the cinematic “Jurassic Notion / M Theory”) and jazz-inspired melodies ( “Time Vampires”), astral sounds ( “Camera Day”) and sounds stolen from the music of vintage videogames ( “Kill Your Co-Workers”), and everything in the FlyLo style: conciseness, detachment from reality, post hip-hop mysticism. But be warned: if you think you’ll find an appendix to “Cosmogramma”, you’re wrong. In any case, there would be the seed of the future Ellison, maybe focussed on explosive breaks at the expense of metaphysical interludes. Claude T. Hill

Flying Lotus - Camera Day (taken from Pattern+Grid World) by Warp Records

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