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Airhead Paper Street BRAIN MATH (MATH010, 12” + digital)

We know Airhead from his terrific split 10” with James Blake, “Pembroke”. It was number 6 of Brain Math, an sublabel of Ramp Recordings, that so far had drawn the attention of the vinyl buyers with the mutations of the dubstep gene pressed in their grooves, always from the most histrionic side of things (although that particular release was pure transparency). Airhead’s misfortune was that at the time –March, the chilly month–, the Blake hype hadn’t exploded yet, although that was incubating, and the record was overlooked. With Airhead now comfortably in the background, this “Paper Street” arrives at a much better time: with its own space but not excessive attention. It won’t be a balloon that quickly fills up with air, but a first step of a rise that will from now to be unstoppable. Furthermore, it’s the first solo effort of the Londoner: it sounds like an almost liquid rhythmic structure, like nocturnal moods, like broken spirits. It’s not too far from Burial’s sound, although it sounds more like new school, post-dubstep in a melancholic pop vein, like dawn, when the first rays of the sun appear. And there is another twist that makes us expect big things from Airhead: the B-side is a remix by Nick Höppner (33% of My My, Panoramabar resident DJ), who connects the dots between dubstep and dub-techno. Höppner controls the final result and in the end the sound is more Berlin than London, but the cross sounds natural and well done. Another one like this and we’ll have to go and find some fireworks. Javier Blánquez

Airhead - Paper Street / Nick Høppner Remix by BRAiNMATH

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