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Varios  PanoramaBar 03 Exclusives OSTGUT TON (o-ton 47, 12”)

The next episode of PanoramaBar comes from the hand of Prosumer, and that can mean only one thing: house. House from start to finish, house all over the place, in all forms and possible flavours. The Berlin DJ has always been a great defender of a conscious return to the essence of Chicago and New York in a Berlin totally dedicated to the sounds of minimal and digital techno, and, after years of insisting, more and more people are finally beginning to agree with him. So this “PanoramaBar 03” oozes house from every pore and, as Ostgut Ton always does when releasing a mix album, there is a vinyl version featuring the exclusive material especially produced for the DJ to play out.

On this 12” we find three new contributions: one from debutant Soundstore ( “Take U”), which, apart from the annoying final minute of humming, moves about easily with the kind of production reminiscent of late-nineties American house, closer to the nervous sounds of the Cajual label that to the silky ones of Guidance. The second one, as if he wanted to balance things out, is signed by Steffi, Prosumer’s sidekick in the DJ booth at Berghain / PanoramaBar, who takes her “Sadness” to deep house territory with a touch of soulful melancholy, ideal as a set closer, but not one to start a fire. The third track, by Hune ( “A Leaf For Hand In Hand”), has an old school flavour, like New York at the end of the eighties, sitting between hip house and disco. All of the material here is like a journey through time, but it’s one of those pieces that are more than welcome every once in a while.

Richard Ellmann

Soundstore - Take U (Vinyl Version)

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