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Tiger & Woods Tiger & WoodsOut Of Bounds Ep

8 / 10

Tiger & Woods  Out Of Bounds Ep EDITAINMENT (tain 3, 12”)

Tiger Woods, the golfer, is now synonymous with two things: money and sex. Tiger & Woods are a mysterious duo based in the Cayman Islands according to their Myspace (a joke, obviously). We doubt they have adopted a name with such a comedic resonance as a nod to the monetary side of things, therefore they must be referring to the sex – of an occasional and furtive type. Out on Editainment now, what we hear on the EP are reworkings of old underground disco rhythms, circa the late 70s: whistles, well-measured breakdowns and boogie, and across all of it are subtle, relentless kick-drums that references glitter, mirror balls and other characteristic nods to big city nightlife and decadence. “ Love In Cambodgia” and “ Dr. Burner” can be interpreted in two ways: as edits from the pinnacle of disco, á la Pilooski but with a greater passion and a fire in the belly (the clue is in the label’s name), or they could be a mash-up of samples or a homage. “ Dr. Burner”, in particular, at times sounds like The Avalanches –reinforcing the practise of sampling as an art form– whilst “ Love In Cambodgia” has a rude touch similar to French filtered disco, as if Soundhack were recording for Permanent Vacation. Who are Tiger & Woods, then? Taking into account that one of the pair is called Larry and the other David – get it?–we capitulate that we won’t know until they decide to show their faces. I don’t care as long as they keep on releasing material. Editainment 4, please. Ronald Fritze

Tiger & Woods - Love In Cambodgia

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