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Ellen Allien Ellen AllienOur Utopie

6 / 10

Ellen Allien, Our Utopie BPITCH CONTROL (BPC220, 12” + digital)

The flies and crickets at the end of “Our Utopie” are a rural finish in a display of techno with slippery textures and slow progression. It’s not the new sound of now –this type of perfectionist tech-house has been done before by the likes of Mathew Jonson, Guy Gerber and Chaim, for example, and the Berlinette Ellen herself has been exploring similar territories for a while now, be it as an artist or as the president of her own label - but details like these, suggesting nature, make her intentions quite clear: this is music made with the open air festivals in mind rather than clubs; it’s music for the summer, not for eternity. That seasonal attitude is respectable for sure, as is taking advantage of a moment and squeeze everything out of it; we are after all talking about a 12”, and like all 12”s, it has got a sell-by date like food. But I think more effort could have been put in the “Our Utopie” vinyl, which includes extended edits of three tracks –the others being “Should We Go Home” and “Ever”– we already heard on the “Dust” album (May 2010), and one new tune, “Searching”, which is the same kind of techno with two pinches of psychedelica and conga percussion to top it off. Warning to the DJ: this 12” contains more than enough ammunition for what’s left of the summer, which is still quite a bit. Warning to the casual consumer: this is not the record you’re looking for. Keep trying. Richard Ellmann

Ellen Allien - Our Utopie

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