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Kode9 & The Spaceape Kode9 & The SpaceapeOtherman / Love Is The Drug

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Kode9 & The Spaceape  Otherman / Love Is The Drug HYPERDUB (HYP010, 12” + digital)

The little box on the calendar that says “18th April” has been marked with the deepest red marker we could find. On that day, “Black Sun” will be released and the long wait that started with the release in 2006 by Kode9 & The Spaceape of one of the absolute classics of dubstep, “Memories Of The Future”, will be over. Before that, for those who can’t bear the tension any longer, an appetiser will appear in the form of this 12”, although it could make it even more unbearable, like a good teaser for a film. Yes, Kode9 has returned heavily armed, but this “Otherman / Love Is The Drug” has a problem, even though it’s only a minor detail: none of the tracks is exclusive, they’re both album tracks, and as a record on its own, its (great) value –soothing the wait, giving a preview on what sound we can expect, reactivating the cult of Steve Goodman and his abyssal bass music– will only last three weeks. Or maybe not: it will also be a heavyweight single that’ll put the bass bins in the underground clubs to the test. Every (wo)man will get out of it what they want.

Getting to the point, i.e. the sound, these two tracks are the perfect summary of what “Black Sun” will hold for us: paused cadence, voices coming from the shadows –on “Otherman” we get The Spaceape’s spectral toasting, on “Love Is The Drug” Cha Cha sings in his typical lovers rock of the 22nd Century style– and breaks that outline a futurist and desolate landscape, albeit with a spark of hope in the distance. “Otherman” is like a sci-fi interpretation of Augustus Pablo reggae, with melodica sounds –albeit coming from an analogue synth– that float over a hypnotic background, and “Love Is The Drug” picks up the unique interpretation of funky, already explored by Steve Goodman –in the vein of “2 Far Gone” and “You Don’t Wash”–, confirming that his work in progress is going the way we expected. New shots soon.

Claude T. Hill

Kode9 and the Spaceape - Otherman (Benji B radio rip)

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