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Lunice may well have a gift for irritation and despair. Whilst his first 12” on LuckyMe was long anticipated - once its release was announced, it was delayed; meanwhile the second took more than half a year to get released. But once they were out, everything changed and all frustration was forgotten as you discovered the delights they held. The first and best surprise about “One Hunned” is its generosity: the young Canadian stuck six tracks on the vinyl, without cheating (i.e. they're six proper tracks, not four and two interludes) and maturing the idiom he already used on the revelatory “Stacker Upper” (autumn 2010) - which made him the most solid link between the playful North America (don't forget he's friends with Diplo) and the wonky UK. Now, with this new delivery on the Glasgow label with the double-eyed logo, Lucine grows a couple of inches.

From where? He was somewhere between the club hip-hop of the south of the US and the new up-tempo rhythms of Europe. With a high pitch and an outspoken taste for minimal melodies developing in the form of arpeggios (check the insistent “Bricks” and “Juice”), it's obvious that Lunice likes his party music - not horizontal in the form of screwed & chopped deceleration, like many witch house producers. His beats are fast; sometimes reminiscent of eighties funk and boogie ( “Guardian”, “Glow”) - sometimes very R&B-like, with extra sugar ( “And She Said”) - and sometimes fiery, like on “I See U”, which could be considered for the resurrection of David Banner (or Lil Wayne). However, Lunice is not that urban: he wouldn't work in the hip-hop bizz. He has rave running through his veins and he made this “One Hunned” with the intention of breaking bones in strobe-lit clubs. Together with Kingdom, Lunice is the great American answer to HudMo, Rustie and Girl Unit.

Claude T. Hill

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