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Lone LoneOnce In A While / Raptured

9 / 10

Lone Once In A While / Raptured WERK DISCS (WERK020, 12”)

We were green with envy after Kode9 gave a preview of this 12” on the sensual and majestic opening of his “DJ Kicks”. Contrary to the initial idea that his mix would be 100% dubstep (and mutations thereof), the Scot played a Lone dubplate that sounded like a lost Derrick May gem from 1988, a hybrid of spiritual Detroit and deep house from that era with virtuous piano phrasing and vintage production –808 cascades, bright notes of yellow passion, like the sleeve of the 12” reviewed here– which, although it could clearly be a retro tribute, sounded like a track to be bought, stocked, loved, played and listened to in private. “Once In A While” is also proof of the fact that Lone is much more than a dubstep outlaw or emo beatmaker. Matt Cutler makes the slogan that was the title of his latest album ( “Ecstasy & Friends”) his, and has designed a tribute to the good old days, when dance music was nocturnal love, first in the form of goosebumps-inducing tech-house, much in the vein of the proto-2step revival that is in effect these days ( “Raptured”). In other words, the 4x4 twist with soulful vocals and aquatic synthesisers he put forward on “Pineapple Crush”, the first release on is own label Magic Wire Recordings, wasn’t neither a coincidence nor a bluff. And to give this 12” more body, magnitude and selling points, on the other side there are remixes by Sinden –with a more Afro touch and more funky house in the percussion of “Once In A While”– and Midland, also with a retro feel but in the vein of English, Detroit-inspired techno of the early nineties. It’s all good here, the tears have to come from you.

Javier Blánquez

Lone - Once In A While (Sinden Remix) by Sinden

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