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Fred P. Fred P.On This Vibe

8 / 10

Fred P.  On This Vibe ESPERANZA (esperanza 017, 12”)

If you get to the point when you listen to house music and think it’s not deep enough, and if it doesn’t give you goose-bumps anymore like it used to, then you urgently need to recover the material recorded by Black Jazz Consortium. Fred Peterkin hasn’t been active for as long as the big players from Detroit or New York and he will never be able to say he danced at the Paradise Garage or at Powerplant -his existence in the deep house scene doesn’t go back further than 2006- but in fact he works the sound as a craftsman. “ On This Vibe”, at ten minutes in length and released through the Spanish label Esperanza, allows Fred B. to develop the groove with patience and tranquillity: a cushioned beat, piano notes similar to mirror reflections, synth effects sounds like waves in motion, emotive vocals, it could be said that “On This Vibe” is how “ Pacific State” (808 State) would have sounded if it would have been made in the US instead of Manchester –without the sax and the acid line. A house-soul massage that makes you fuzzy. The flip side includes another gift as good as the first one: Patrice Scott, Sistrum’s boss (the deepest label from Detroit in recent times), takes control of the mix and fattens it up with more solid beats, rugged textures and wider vocals to round up one of the most effective, mature house pieces of the season. Richard Ellmann

Fred P - On this vibe(P. Scott Sistrum Remix)

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