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Svreca Obscur. Alternative SEMANTICA (Semantica018Y, 12”)

Enrique Mena is a stand-up artist who gets a rash when you talk to him about fads or circumstantial music produced to make a quick buck. That’s his biggest asset, which makes him an essential figure on the present techno scene, both as a DJ and when he puts out vinyl records worthy of being collected and conserved as patrimony of humanity. If you forgive me the gory comparison, we could say he’s like one of those bodies of dead saints they keep uncorrupted –without formaldehyde or taxidermy– in some churches, only his career is more alive than Manoel de Oliveira, who’s still making movies at 101. Semántica Records only needs a little nudge to enter the elite of labels with serious grins and toned-up musculature like Modern Love, Various Production, Sandwell District and Skam. Having released 18 records already, there’s no way he can be accused of lacking experience, nor quality in the production: his limited edition vinyls and on transparent plastic make people’s mouths water.

Here, the Madrid producer twists his sound a bit and adds something extra to “Obscur”, which already appeared earlier on 12” in a remix by Regis. This time it’s Claro Intelecto –with a remix of “Obscur”, on which he recovers his most dubby techno at the cost of his present old school piano house style– and the crew formed by Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa (rocky techno, nocturnal, in the tradition of late-nineties Surgeon, for “Seda Muerta”) who are in charge of turning his sound around, although Svreca himself also dares to go further in his electronica with little oxygen. “Jade” is an ambient piece of high pressure and industrial pollution, the original take of “Seda Muerta” another lesson in techno and “AW08” one of his usual tracks, geometrically irregular IDM for “Confield”-era Autechre fans. The feeling Svreca produces can be summed up in two words: blind faith.

Javier Blánquez

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