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Objekt ObjektObjekt #2

8 / 10

Objekt  Objekt #2 OBJEKT (OBJEKT2, 12”)

He was placed in that blurry zone where, accidentally, techno and dubstep subtly merged. A density in the low frequencies - sustained by cold sounds and kick drums -that powerfully marked the territory: like Scuba, but more toxic. “Objekt #1”, the mysterious debut by Berlin producer TJ Hertz, was a useful tool for DJs from both genres. Its release, supported by luminaries like Ramadanman and Jackmaster, became an underground sensation earlier this year. Objekt has taken almost three months of preparation for the second delivery - and it’s obvious why. He’s wise: too prolific and people get bored. You need time to find new focus - tread carefully - particularly within the vinyl scene. Rapid releases may bring a rapid rise to stardom, but your audience may tire quickly.

There’s a clear evolution from the first release: “Objekt #2” makes a side step to techno. He’s not forgotten his dubstep resources - there are some moments of extreme deepness on the 12”, “Unglued” in particular - but it’s a bass pulsation more in keeping with the school of techno-dub, than with the origins of the Tempa label. All influences are recognisable with Objekt - Basic Channel, Mike Banks / Red Planet, Shed - but he organises them to look like an original combination; a muddy background, atonal melodies, fierce bass drums and spacey synths. Plus, he makes the tracks long enough – “CLK Recovery” runs for ten minutes– for audacious mixes. The room allows one to enter and leave the music at different times, creating a strange sensation: that of techno with a rocky texture. This – conversely - enables a diluted, liquid experience.

Javier Blánquez


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