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Objekt ObjektObjekt #1

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Objekt  Objekt #1 OBJEKT (OBJEKT001, 12”)

He lives and works in Berlin, and little more is known about Objekt, apart from his initials, one of the few details released about his identity: TJ. Another (semi-) anonymous artist who joined the dubstep ranks with a 12” that condenses all the violence of a hand grenade. It’s natural that the DJs of the scene are euphoric with this recently pressed-up piece of vinyl, released by Objekt himself: the melodic line, as simple as a series of notes that thump and hammer dryly, and which is the bassline at the same time, one of those that stick inside your head and doesn’t want to leave. The good thing about this A-side, already almost an anthem, “The Goose That Got Away”, is that it’s not built around just one gimmick and that it approached perfection in everything else: in the unfolding of a dark groove reminiscent of early Plastician and Mark One, with that feeling of having entered a cold and dark cave. It’s an effective weapon for any peaktime.

But Objekt’s first release doesn’t only contain that piece. The B-side, “Tinderbox”, with the ominous pace of Loefah’s old productions and a spatial and black depth in the vein of the Digital Mystikz family (it even has a faint drum’n’bass drumroll and vocal samples reminiscent of the hardcore era), is more proof that this is not just a coincidental record. Apart from being an anthem for this year in the darkest clubs, it’s the business card of a producer who could get up there with the best. I don’t care whether he shows his face or not, but if there isn’t an “Objekt #2” soon, I’ll be pulling my hair out.

Ronald Fritze

Objekt - The Goose That Got Away{youtube width="100%" height="25"}5dfqhXh0avI{/youtube}

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