Nothing To See / Don?t Let Me Go Nothing To See / Don?t Let Me Go


Four Tet Four TetNothing To See / Don?t Let Me Go

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Four Tet vs. Mala, Nothing To See / Don’t Let Me Go

It’s very easy to do the maths: Four Tet –at a high point in his career, opening up to the Dionysic pleasure of the rhythm– plus Mala –right after the release of his impeccable manual for the survival of dubstep, “Return II Space”– plus Soul Jazz, one of the classiest labels of them all. What could be missing here? What’s not to like? Absolutely nothing. In fact, this teaser for what promises to be the huge compilation of the coming Autumn, “Future Bass”, activates all our nerve centres and induces a state of maximum anxiety. The main idea is explained in the title: this is about variations in dubstep without using the confusing dubstep label, but showing all the different flavours that have emerged over recent months. In fact, the selection of Mala and Four Tet for the first advance sensible, puts together two opposite poles: Mala, the wise purist who has been playing this game since day one and still believes in the Jamaican production techniques as the undisputable roots of dubstep –he isn’t afraid to use an 8-bit melody but also a melodica and Godzilla echoes– and Four Tet, the IDM dilettante who looks to dubstep for enriching textures and who, as on his solo records and the split single with Burial, uses an uptempo beat, gamelan phases, rhythmic jazz improvisations, and a layer of space paint and the inevitable resounding bass that fills the entire room. An anthology-like compilation is in the works here, and we need more.

Four Tet - Nothing To See (8.49) by Soul Jazz Records

Mala - Don't Let Me Go (4.15) by Soul Jazz Records

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