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The Mole The MoleNervous Disid

7 / 10

The Mole Nervous Disid NEW KANADA (NK21, 12”)

I always saw New Kanada as a label that followed in the footsteps of Wagon Repair, although not as an imitator, more that they share a similar philosophy of techno: maximalist yet persistent, always orbiting the minimal European scene while maintaining distinctive North American traits like less a fluid sound, with more roots in classic house and techno. Adam Marshall is like a less complicated Mathew Jonson, and at New Kanada he gives a lot of space to his own productions and to the fine spirit of Basic Soul Unit, Murr and Mood Edit. Perhaps to reinforce this invisible connection with Wagon Repair is the involvement of Colin de la Plante, the satellite producer of the Jonson family, who has fought in tons of quirky house battles with dub and disco details and visionary abstraction. Here he delivers two cuts from his endless catalogue of tracks, for reference number 21 from the label that has earned a spot in this “different” area of current tech-house. It’s a perfect setting, as The Mole does what he pleases: “Nervous Dead” has a primitive, jacking house drive and repetitive structure, so much so that you forget what has happened in the nine minutes since the beginning and you feel you’ve been lost in the sound for two hours. The vinyl ends with “ Secret Mummy”, another pouring out of slow disco with alarm clock noises, congas, and basses that could drown anyone. It’s not their best 12”, but after all, it’s not just anyone who is capable of making such good tracks for those first hours of the night.

Richard Ellmann

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