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The distinctive touch of David Kennedy, and if you have been collecting his releases as Pearson Sound and Ramadanman, you will know this, is the smoothness of his sounds and the profound effect they have. They hypnotise you on the dancefloor, and only in very isolated cases do they become aggressive, and sweaty. Kennedy’s contribution to the Fabric series, on the verge of being released, shows the side of his work on which the quality of the sound and the seduction of the experience is more important than physical tiredness. But not here. This vinyl for Night Slugs, so limited it might already be sold out when you decide to buy it, is David Kennedy showing his baddest side, trying hard to turn the dancefloor into a pile of broken bodies. Metaphorically speaking, of course: neither of the two cuts is dirty or fast enough to cause heart failure. But to find the name Pearson Sound on a record with such energy and vocal strength, is rare. His entrance in the Night Slugs family, where everything is done to burn calories, has definitely been a good one.

The vinyl contains re-fixes of two infallible dancefloor killers on which Pearson Sound shows he’s more interested in house than in dubstep as we know it. The B-side, untitled, but based on NY garage classic “Deep Inside”, composed by Masters At Work under the Hardrive alias, maintains the powerful voice and surrounds it with breaks taken from the golden years of hardcore and speed garage rolling beats; the golden age of British clubbing recovered, big time. The A-side, which I haven’t been able to identify, takes us from hard-house to ghetto-tech with dirty raps and a southern beat from an epileptic rhythm box, like Lil Wayne participating in a party full of perfect derrieres and wet T-shirts. There’s not much more than that: Pearson Sound walking the dark side and offering up two infallible bombshells to destroy the clubs. What more could we ask for?

Claude T. Hill

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