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Roska & Untold Myth NUMBERS (NMBRS11, 12” + digital)

In the chapter of funky, Untold would fit the profile of the lab producer who thoroughly thinks through the composition of every sound, the depth and density of the free space, and the drop of the bass drum according to it’s mass. He would be a bit like a chemist. Roska, on the other hand, fits the archetype of instinctive creator who makes his work with passion and power. Roska is a hedonist, he looks to create an electric moment on the dancefloor –or spark your libido– while Untold would always look for the little detail that starts an intellectual reaction. God forgive me if I’m wrong –I don’t know these people; maybe Roska is a maniacal perfectionist and Untold doesn’t stop laughing all day–, but I say this because, at first sight, this collaboration could work because it’s the sum of two complementary extremes, or fail like any other attempt to mix oil and water. In practice, “Myth” is two pieces – “Myth” on the A-side, which is a jam of syncopated percussion with notes like from an oriental instrument, like a carnivalesque version of Shackleton; “Long Range” on the B-side, which also is jumpy break music, only with UK garage vocal sparkles and Detroit melodies– and those two pieces are the sum of two talents who have been able to allow each other part of the space. So they sound like Untold –minimalist, directed by a precise and generally mechanical groove– but with Roska’s beef, calories and nod to classic deep-house. If this tandem is to proceed, then this is a promising start. A round of applause for them and of course for Numbers, who are on fire.

Claude T. HillRoska & Untold - Myth

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