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M A N I K M A N I KMy Machines Ep

7 / 10

M A N I K  My Machines Ep FOUR:TWENTY (FOUR055, 12” + digital)

There is relaxing techno that unties your muscles, and elevates you some inches off the ground. At the same time it has a pounding kick drum, relentless, that send you into a frenzy. It’s then not incompatible to be raised up with a bite, and M A N I K, who even if he’s just a newcomer to the revival of Detroit, delivers three original tracks through Four:Twenty which work at both levels. These songs are descendants of a long line, often copied, repeated, even disoriented, that seems to have lost its roots, although we can pint point these origins to techno-soul. Techno that is warm, away from the robotic type, passionate and spacial, the kind it has had a lot of prophets in the past. As soon as you listen to “ Fable,” you’ll be engulfed in memories that in the end don’t remind you of anything in particular. ¿Model 500? Of course. ¿Carl Craig? There are similarities with the New Yorker too: those keys that sink into your skin every time they hit a note. On “ Aftermath Class,” you are expecting to start listening to an impulsive sax phrase as in “ Jupiter Jazz” by Underground Resistance, but M A N I K instead decides to flirt on the romantic side, a kind of galactic funk by Anthony Shakir fizzled in acid bubbles. To stimulate the more mature needs, there is Rick Wade in remix duties. He gets rid of the 303 while introducing Latin percussion and female whispers taking the deep house route. It’s a well executed maxi-single, full of appreciation for a tradition, a sound, and its enthusiasts ... a record in sync with a second wave of adult techno where the conservation of the pure essence of the sound takes priority over the distortion of the transformed essence. He doesn’t squeeze as much machine essence as Kyle Hall does, but we have to admit Christopher Manik’s ability to make them tremble. Richard Ellmann

M A N I K- Fable (Original Mix) [Four:Twenty] by M A N I K

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