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Kyle Hall  Must See Ep THIRD EAR RECORDINGS (3eep-2101 01, 12” + digital)

The thing I love most about Kyle Hall is his production versatility, the deeply musical background of his phrases. After going over his biography, it’s clear that all this has a base in reality: Detroit resident comes from a family of musicians: his mother was a jazz vocalist, his grand uncle was an opera singe and one of his aunties played the violin. Music probably gets transferred generation to generation through the DNA, so I’m publicly asking any human biologist reading this to borrow a couple of Kyle Hall’s cells to experiment with, subject permitting. Even if he disagreed, there will be something left for posterity: his music, which is maturing and improving one vinyl at a time, drawing the evolutionary line of an artist who is destined to be big, and perhaps, with time, legendary even. It only seems like yesterday that in the full swing of adolescence, he managed to get onto the FXHE label roster, debuting with the help of Omar-S on “ EP 01” (2007). Three years later and his production is astonishing, with a maturing sound. The four cuts on the “ Must See Ep” give a complete image of the present-day Kyle Hall and a future one: he integrates jazz with techno in a natural way, without being a pedant. “ Ghosten” maintains the lo-fi texture and minimalist development of the Omar-S school. “ Osc_2” shines through its smooth deep house (“ Body Of Water”) and in the long tradition of Detroit techno (“ Must See”). Four different tracks, four success stories. The future belongs to him. Richard Ellmann

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