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Suckafish P Jones Suckafish P JonesMr Midnight

8 / 10

Suckafish P Jones Mr Midnight DISBOOT (dboot011, 12” + digital)

Suckafish P Jones, wandering spirit of the new music that discharges of bass lines capable of making skyscrapers shake, is usually categorised as something between grime and arty dancehall. Some people label him as wonky, because his productions are crooked and, as is the case with “Match Set Point”, have the thick melodies of old video games. But in the case of Suckafish, at present a citizen of Barcelona, if he hasn’t already moved on (which is quite possible with this restless soul), the origins of his teeth-clenching aesthetics should be looked for in the old breakcore sound that, for years, has formed an underground alliance between Barcelona, New York and Berlin. The four cuts on “Mr Midnight” are too violent to be considered dubstep or simple bass music, and too twisted to be labelled as grime, a sound it only touches upon slightly. Wonky is an inaccurate tag for him, because Jones doesn’t kid around with the sound like Rustie; behind all this there seems to be a much more committed agenda and his sound seems, in a way, to be some kind of political manifesto, with social and not only hedonist content. “Mr Midnight” is ideal for those who miss the sounds of Drumcorps, Filastine or Aaron Spectre but with an actual more rabidly urban sound, comfortable with the information flow between the American east coast and the big industrial cities of the UK. Getting down to it, “Wild And Dirty” is what its title indicates: an eruption of bass and breaks that seems dirty (although they have been carefully polished) and thumps on the chest, the same way “Bubble Farm” stylises the wobble sound with old school jungle ending that would make Skream, erm, scream. You will see how the adrenaline rises while the neurones flutter. This man has magic and muscular fingers.

Javier Blánquez

04 The Touch by disboot

03 Bubble Farm by disboot

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