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Busy BusyMoths

9 / 10

Busy  Moths CIRCULATIONS (EN007, 12” + digital)

A long EP, as a Paul White or Fulgeance one, with totally brand new cuts - some are brief intros, others are quite leafy like trees in the Spring - is above all a demonstration of talent and technique, both promising signs of a bright and prosperous future. We can officially welcome Busy to the elite of the new beat-makers halfway who write bucolic electronica and limping hip hop, a well-populated elite but in which there is room for many - a symptom that reveals the growth of a scene to its fullness. Busy is Bradford Johnson, solo component from Gaithersburg (Maryland), who has spent a decade producing out of his own pleasure and a couple of years professionally editing instrumental bases with high psychedelic content. As a matter of fact, he closed the "Beat Dimensions Vol. 2" compilation for the Rush Hour label, and "Moths", delivered for the interesting Japanese label Circulations, is an extremely delicate flower that it works more on a home listening environment than the dancefloor. If we agree to identify their sound as astro-hop, closer to Take than Mux Mool, if we use the measurements from the standard IDM form, it is definitely closer to the placid sunsets of Boards Of Canada - " Dormant Presence," " Aft," " Atlas Resounding"- that to Flying Lotus. In other words: Busy tunes in by tailoring childhood memories and perfect summers - there is even sampled owls in " Qaqoon" - while sharpening irregularly drawn hip hop beats, almost cubist, thought on purpose to bring down the pulse speed and for neurons to reach a effervescent state. Roll on the red carpet.

Javier Blánquez

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