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Ital Tek Ital TekMoment In Blue EP

8 / 10

Ital Tek  Moment In Blue EP PLANET MU (Ziq271, 12” + digital)

Whoever wasn’t satisfied with “Midnight Colour” –which we reviewed some days ago and described as a one of the cutest post-dubstep crossovers to IDM from the latest batch of British offerings- can always feed their needs with the “ Moment In Blue EP”, extending their experience of Ital Tek and increasing their pleasure in a way not dissimilar to popping a Viagra. From the album comes “ Infinity”, which is quite possibly the stand out track of the whole album, and an added extra track, “ Crush Horizon”, that maintains the fat basslines and tender music box notes, like the most inoffensive Aphex Twin trying his luck at a dubstep production. But these are not the only interesting slices the maxi has to offer. There are two remixes by Ikonika and FaltyDL who add different tones and shades to a record that triumphs in not losing sight of its aims and objectives. 12” are made for exploring and trying new things, and for this we praise and value the effort of the FaltyDL remix of “ Moment In Blue”. He takes it to garage / 2step, shreds the melody and reconstructs it with the help of the bass-drum that break at the second; plus he atomises the vocals and even manages to find room for an arcade melody towards the end. On the other track, Ikonika doesn’t deconstruct and rebuild, but intensifies with a buffer break to create a more highly charged atmosphere, brilliant and glittery vocals plus epic Detroit strings. A very useful 12”. Like a Swiss’ army knife.

Javier Blánquez

Moment In Blue V.I.P (clip) by ITAL TEK

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