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The word from Ghostly is that in the months following the release of “Moondagger”, the young prodigy of an animated fantasy with synthetic pop flavours, Randolf Chabot. He seems to have thrown himself into a frenzied period of creativity and composed a significant number of tracks in just a few weeks which, bit by bit, he’s compiled as EPs and distributed -via digital downloads and hand-decorated cassettes- through his blog. This release, “Mind Altar” collects two tracks (the original “Mind Altar” and “Orange Swimmer Red Summer”, which have both been remastered here), that Chabot recorded at home and without a band. This is a back to basics, a return to self-sufficiency, and it’s clear on even the most cloudy and textured songs -which are less precious and baroque than the spacial symphonies from “Moondagger”, where the melodic exuberance lags behind- diluted amongst caves of reverb, echo chambers and light noise clouds of a shoegaze affiliation. Songs like “Genesis Weapon” (a tranquil chill-wave violated by bursts of abrasive fuzz), “Mowgli The Lynx” (trippy electronica sequences, guitars with loads of reverb and sun-kissed harmonies à la Panda Bear), “The Concept Of Land Ownwership” (a more abstract and manipulated that wouldn’t be out of place on Black To Comm’s latest album), “Divali” (at times sounding like Delorean) or “Shield Whip” (or how Wavves would sound if they exchanged guitars and drums for synths and old rhythm machines), don’t take away the sensation of meeting a less vibrant and less haughty Deastro. He still oozes talent, though the synthetic shoegaze pop postcards are less shiny this time.

Luis M. Rguez


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