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Damu DamuMermaid EP

7 / 10

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LOCAL ACTION (LOC006, 12” + digital)

Upcoming Manchester producer Damu continues to build on his – justified – hype with this very sweet 12” for Local Action Records. The title track is, as rightfully pointed out by the press release, one of the best things the young label has put out; all sticky sweet melodies, female vocals and upbeat, dance-floor beats. Catchy is most definitely the operative word here. “Beat Of Zen” follows, taking things in a slightly different direction thanks to a heavy riddim entwined with percussion and more colourful melodies. It still keeps the dance-floor in mind though and the drop is particularly good, bringing sweats and a small rush of ecstasy even on a headphone listen. “Sequinny” opens the B side with a more subdued vibe. Until the drop that is, when Damu manages to combine the energy of the previous two tracks with a more hypnotic quality thanks to a rather lush melody. The release is rounded off by a DJ Rashad and DJ Early remix of “Beat Of Zen”- which unfortunately feels like it’s added on for no real value other than riding on the juke/footwork bandwagon. It’s not that it’s bad, it just does little compared to the original.

Definitely one of the strongest releases on Local Action so far and yet another example of Damu’s talent in navigating the ever murkier waters of today’s bass and dance music. It should definitely make his forthcoming releases on Keysound of high interest.

Laurent Fintoni

LOC006. Damu - Mermaid EP by Local Action Records

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