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Braille  A Meaning EP HOTFLUSH (HFT017, 12” + digital)

If you look in the crate saying “dubstep”, you'll probably find that most of the records only have their roots in dubstep. I'm of course talking about the new records, released by labels and artists whom until recently we stuck in the “abrupt broken rhythms with lots of big bass” category and are now strongly gravitating towards and oblique version of house. Before Scuba's “Adrenalin” comes out (which will no longer be dubstep or techno but deep house), Hotflush come up with this record by Praveen Sharma - 50% of Sepalcure and veteran champion of American IDM - on which the references to legends like Larry Heard, Bobby Konders and Recloose are clear. Four tracks of pale beauty and clearly sounding like modern house of the kind that updates the principles of the early nineties Chicago and New York sound.

And let no-one think Braille is an opportunist, because he isn't (though it has to be said that, in this turn from post-dubstep to deep house, there is more than one producer jumping the Julio Bashmore and Joy O. bandwagon). Earlier this year he was already exploring this territory (broken rhythms, vocal samples full of longing and sex, flying synths and dream-like sounds parting from a blurry idea of forgotten house) on “The Year 3000”; a 12” on Rush Hour to which this EP is a sequel, or rather, a derivation, with slower beats and brighter moods - like the elevator of desire and pleasure to go up from “Riverbed” to the heavenly “Chain Gang”.

Ronald Fritze

"A Meaning [HFT017]"

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