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Kenton Slash Demon Kenton Slash DemonMatter EP

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Kenton Slash Demon Matter EP TARTELET (TART014, 12” + digital)

To release a trilogy when you’re unknown is something that could be interpreted in two ways: it’s either a commercial strategy to make waves in specialised circles and get your name out there in record time, or it’s the logical solution to finding an outlet for an enormous amount of talent and inspiration which would otherwise cause a bottleneck. Who were Kenton Slash Demon until last Summer? They were a recently formed duo –members: Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer– based in Denmark, with some material that, at first hearing, seemed to be heading straight for the dancefloor. The trilogy –called “The Schwarzchild Solution”– is therefore the logical solution to unite the two needs: to draw extra attention to a project that deserved a speedy release and, above all, to make available material that shouldn’t be allowed to get away. The first part appeared last August ( “Sun EP”, including a Bodycode remix) and explored the dark waters of viscous techno, capable of winning the love of a Berghain resident DJ because of its usefulness in managing a transition from a dark phase to something lighter and vice versa.

“Matter EP” is a substantial progression in the KSD sound, and has diabolic and vocoderised voices added to the compression –between electro-house, trance and stabbing techno– which is reminiscent of what The MFA did years ago, only less epic. It will wreak havoc, and it will raise arms, although I’m not sure it will do it as much as the brutal remix by another duo, Runaway (newly signed by DFA), who avoid reproducing those synthesised optimistic flashes of the original “Matter”, and apply more layers of grey textures, a pumping rhythm and piano notes that bang on your head as if they were banging in the door. It may not be original, but effective it is: this is one of the best tech-house records of this season. Javier BlánquezKenton Slash Demon - Matter

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