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John Talabot John TalabotMatilda's Dream

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John Talabot  Matilda’s Dream

PERMANENT VACATION (PERMVAC0 58-1, 12” + digital)

Sometimes everything comes together and a producer can be ubiquitous, hyperactive, and open up a path with a stroke of genius. This could be said of John Talabot, a name you can not be far way from if you surround yourself by the coolest trends. Taking a closer look, you’ll learn that this is the first maxi-single from the faceless man of Barcelona in over a year, since “ Sunshine” ( Hivern) was released in June 2009. We must point out that during this time there has been material that even under the anonymity of the character, it has given us some clues about his personality: remixes for Aufgang and Al Usher or delightful remixes by Delorean and The Blondes included on the “ Sunshine Remixes” blue vinyl. The arrival of “ Matilda’s Dream," seems to happen at a good time for Talabot, a sweet moment when he has his mind well-oiled and in gear to deliver a summer hit that will turn him into an big artist who will leave his own mark in his chosen area of influence: House.

Listening to “ La Ninya (Afrodub Version)” you can perceive everything that is relevant about John Talabot. Technically, nothing he does is new - the narrative progression, always in a crescendo but without the bang, together with a polished circumspection of each and very sound that places him close to labels like Border Community or artists like Four Tet. But at the same time the record has an organic African-Caribbean percussion, cosmic reverb and Italo disco melodies with which Talabot pushes one step forward to distinguish himslef as unique. His cocktail recipe is not just daring, it’s tasty too, with a cherry on top. “ Matilda’s Dream” may sound at first like just some pretty Afro-house including a child’s whisper, similar to a hi-tech version of a Theo Parrish track and little else, but as soon as the winding 303 and a keyboard sound that reminds of “ Moments In Love” come into the mix, John Talabot is signing a track that if its not superior to “Sunshine”, is at least a close call. This guy is an animal.

Javier Blánquez

Matilda's Dream by John Talabot

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