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Raffertie RaffertieMass Appeal EP

7.4 / 10

Deep and unpredictable breaks. Anxiety and a cubist eye. Bass lines that tickled the sternum. Benjami Stefanski left many jaws dropped with “ Visual Acutiy”, but far from repeating the formula of extremely intricate and slightly schizoid electronica, he chose to deliver a new EP with somewhat more refined and even subtle algorithms, albeit in his own particular style. We find mathematically programmed drum machines and liquid resonance in all of his constructions (as if he had recorded his music in a bathyscaph, 500 metres below sea level). Four tracks on this new effort on Ninja Tune, four distant asteroids in the cosmic vacuum, closely united by an ocean of dark matter keeping things perfectly balanced.

Defined by an exhaustive search for elastic bass lines (with an astonishing job done on “Brevity”, the most Dadaist piece with the biggest amount of rhythmic changes on the record), “Mass Appeal EP” seems to reveal itself as the exact boiling point between Stefanski's most experimental impulses and his praiseworthy, understandable need to lower the level of madness in order to find somewhat more malleable structures. On “Courage Boy”, he couples post-dubstep rhythms and chiaroscuros (icy fog and asymmetric beats) on a breathtaking trip of minimalist tension that will freeze your gonads. Title track “Mass Appeal” is the most accessible piece: radioactive funk, IDM made in Chernobyl, psychedelic embroidery, full-on sub-bass, superimposed vocal samples; this is top notch futurist baroque. However, the real leap of faith is on “One Track Mind”. Ghostly techno-dub, obsessive keyboards on electric climaxes, splashes of rave, electro breaks reduced to their minimum: harmful on the dance floor, paranoid when played at home. This is the kind of music I like.

Mass Appeal

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