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North Manc Beds, Mancweb SKAM (NMB004, 12” + digital)

They will never tell us who’s behind the collective and mutant project called North Manc Beds, just like they’ll never tell us who the producers are who make the 12”s of the Seldom Felt series –it is believed they use different names with every release– nor has anyone ever told us who is who exactly on every Gescom record, that amorphous entity from Autechre’s surroundings. It is suspected though that some people who could be in the nucleus, the foundations, or at least appear on one of the four 12”s released under that name, are Pendle Coven, the latest evolution of intelligent techno from Manchester: grey, metallic, with rigid rhythms, music for androids in an advanced state of oxidation. Each volume of the series has the special feature that it was created in a bedroom studio and that it’s opaque, limited –of this one only 302 vinyl copies exist, while at the same time it has a sound that oscillates between the geometric and the danceable – “DAT Ting”, with its electro cadence, sounds like a crooked re-creation of Claro Intelecto’s or Andy Stott’s tunes. “Mancweb” has it all to provoke a monstrous excitement among unconditional fans of IDM without embellishments or pop-like delicacies: deep notes of electrified keyboards ( “Wrong By Design”), walls of thorny rhythms ( “Grim Cup”), static drum’n’bass with industrial tendencies ( “Rhydim Or Rhidme”) and other solipsist experiments and masturbatory pleasures. The importance of this record can be resumed in one very simple thought and if you’re fan of the Skam school: if you don’t get it now, you’ll be sorry for years. Javier Blánquez

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