Man I Do It EP Man I Do It EP


DJ Spinn Ma I Do It EP DJ Spinn Ma I Do It EPMan I Do It EP

8 / 10

DJ Spinn  Man I Do It EP PLANET MU (ZIQ292, 12” + digital)

Before there was talk of juke and the latest Chicago ghetto scene became an exaggerated hype, DJ Spinn was already making tracks and playing them at the dance battles. He might well be the godfather of footwork, although he won’t want to receive any medals for it. And when juke stops being fashionable and blogs and magazines stop talking about it, DJ Spinn will most likely still be making tunes and offering them to his DJ friends so they can play them and people can gather around in circles so others can jump in and work their feet. The six tracks included on his 12” debut on Planet Mu aren’t exactly DJ Spinn’s most infernal work: “U Don’t Need”, “I Really Feel” and “Studio” are slow –for juke standards– and they feature more soul and R&B samples than is normal in this genre that is closer to house and hip-hop. It’s details like these that make one think that when the fad passes, he will still be there, because nothing DJ Spinn produces sounds like it’s done for money or fame: he’s capable of making different things in a context where everything already seems to be invented before –unless it falls into the hands of DJ Rashad– even if it means relaxing the tension of the tracks. “Fall Back” and “Man I Do It” follow a more nervous structure, typical of ghetto house and southern rap, respectively, but only because DJ Spinn renounces neither the old forms nor the new. It’s not the most spectacular juke record released on Planet Mu, nor is it the most violent, but it might be the most sincere one and the one that is most likely to survive the track of time.

Claude T. Hill

DJ Spinn - Studio DJ Spinn - U Don't Need

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