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Downliners Sekt Downliners SektWe Make Hits, Not The Public

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Downliners Sekt We Make Hits, Not The Public DISBOOT (dboot012, 12” + digital)

Hits, in the literal sense of the word, they don’t make. But Downliners Sekt know perfectly well how to make music sound like they want it to at any given moment. Few producers out there are capable of changing registers with so much competence, at will, without warning and with such good results like the French-Barcelonese trio. The second chapter of an EP trilogy, started with “Hello Lonely, Hold the Nation” in June, this is their most surprising and unexpected material effort in a long time. First, because the post-rock band format that has traditionally served them as foundation, has now turned into pure liquid electronica. What remains is the ability of abstraction to sound like an alternative reality. It’s no longer a balance between the digital rock of Radian, the steep IDM of Autechre and the precisely cut beats of the Californian school, but a step ahead towards an aesthetic that fits D-Sekt perfectly; urban melancholy, crepuscular music that emphasises the dark angles of the architectonic constructions; music that is more emotional than technical to listen to while walking the cold and empty streets in Autumn while the leaves of the trees come down around you. A feeling summed up on “From Under Spinning Lights” and “White Dawn”, which find themselves in Burial and Pangaea territory, but always with an unpredictable movement, random, towards zones of noise and mathematic algorithms. “Selfish G” also uses superficial digital noise as way to camouflage influences from drum’n’bass and sweet R&B, but if there is one moment that sums up the whole EP, it’s “Incerta Glòria” (the title of a famous Catalan novel by Joan Sales), meeting point between tamed breakcore and emotional dubstep that takes “We Make Hits, Not The Public” –a title taken from a dialogue from the film “The Harder They Come”– to an amazing level of excellence. The third part of the trilogy could go down in history at this rate.

Javier BlánquezDowliners Sekt - From Under Spinning Light Dowliners Sekt – Incerta Glòria

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