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FaltyDL FaltyDLMake It Difficult / Jack Your Job

8 / 10

FaltyDL  Make It Difficult / Jack Your Job ALL CITY (ACNY12X1, 12”)

Those who know how to interpret the signs, check out the reference number on the label of this new All City release: there’s a change in the nomenclature, the characters “NY” appear and “12X1”. Bearing in mind that, a few weeks ago, the ten-chapter series focussed on the LA electronic beats underground finished, it looks as though this FaltyDL single is the first episode of a new saga on 12”, which this time seems to be concentrating on the Big Apple. As a whole, “Make It Difficult / Jack Your Job” is a bit short, because none of the tracks are longer than four minutes, they’re hard to mix for DJs and they sound more like snippets of longer productions than like actual full tracks. But FaltyDL has never been one to drag his tracks out for longer than necessary, and sometimes it’s a good thing that things remain short, without unnecessary extra filling.

That said, on “Make It Difficult”, like on “Jack Your Job”, we hear the Drew Lustman who, as on previous efforts (particularly “All In The Place” and “Endeavour”), explores the classic house of his hometown and temporarily forgets about the dubstep and garage calling from the UK. The jacking sound dominates again with all its sexual power, and the two tracks, even tough they’re over in a sigh, work great as a sonic stimulant. They’re not only a good warm-up for your Todd Terry, Masters At Work and early Roger S listening session, they also make you wonder about which FaltyDL you like more – do you prefer the torrid one, driven by the 4x4, or the one with the rugged basslines and broken rhythms? I like both, but right now, with this heat, with the summer ahead of us and the need to go out and have fun until the sun comes up, I prefer this FaltyDL, who, in three minutes, knows how to condense deep textures and banging rhythms. Let the series continue. Richard Ellmann

“Jack Your Job”

“Make It Difficult”

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