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Koreless  4D / MTI PICTURES MUSIC (PICT005, 12” + digital)

The little we know about Koreless can be read on his Myspace page –which seems abandoned– and on his Twitter account (and, of course, on Soundcloud). Everything else is unknown about the one who, word has it, could be the latest artist to bring the sounds of the British underground to a pop audience, after Burial, Four Tet and James Blake. Koreless is from Glasgow and, keeping the scene of his city in mind, we shouldn’t expect fussiness: his beats are slightly wonky and, particularly in the case of “MTI”, contain some breaks meant for dancing footwork at home. But there are also some adorable, pitched-up vocal samples on the two pieces on this 12” that are emotive like an Anne Hathaway film. Koreless isn’t about songs –the voices he uses have onomatopoeic and rhythmic quality, not one word coming from those helium throats is understandable, like a timid and bedroom version of Todd Edwards-style garage–, but the pieces have a harmonic structure that also takes them away from the club. And, as if the gibberish weren’t enough, he can’t be seen as a post-dubstep producer, either, but more like a free spirit like Four Tet – “4D” could be a bonus track of “There Is Love In You”. Based on this top single, which is probably sold out everywhere already (and if not, it will be soon enough), Koreless is a big promise. If he’s the next big thing in pop-friendly electronica, like Jamie xx, remains to be seen. But, as prudent people say, keep an eye out for him.

Javier Blánquez

4D by Koreless

MTI by Koreless

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