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Husband HusbandLove Song / Slow Motion EP

7 / 10

Husband  Love Song / Slow Motion EP

ROBOT ELEPHANT RECORDS (RER008, 12” + digital)

Husband are Gianlorenzo and Chiara, and they hail from Bologna, Italy. Their first EP contains two original tracks and a few remixes, including one of “Love Song” by Soft Metals. Husband’s “Love Song” sounds quite dry to begin with, but even so there’s something undeniably catchy about it. The drums have a slightly tribal feel to them, and the backing synths inject some further punch into the track. One of the distinguishing features of “Love Song” is that it’s quite repetitive, and this coupled with the chant-like lyrics lend it a certain ritualistic sound. The repetitiveness drags a little by the time you get through all four minutes, but it ensures the song sticks in your brain, and the more familiar you are with the song, the catchier it gets. This is definitely one that deserves a few listens to appreciate it properly.

The remixes of “Love Song” distil the best parts of this song, and turn it into something new. The Soft Metals remix is the standout track on the EP, possibly because Soft Metals bring a lot of themselves to the mix. The repetitive nature of “Love Song” is uplifted with a more spiralling electro beat, and this helps to adds some extra shape to the song. The Sifaka Kong remix of “Love Song” is an altogether different exercise, and it’s something that’s reminiscent of a more witch house sound.

The second original song on the EP, “Slow Motion”, feels vaguely industrial to begin with, and doesn’t seem to tie in so obviously with “Love Song”. There’s a similar tribal drum feel to it, but there’s definitely more happening in this song. The addition of female vocals serves to enhance that sense of something ritualistic, and makes “Slow Motion” feel a little bit sinister. Although it’s less approachable than “Love Song”, it’s the heightened tension in this song that keeps it interesting.

What really makes Husband’s potential obvious is what the remixes bring out of these songs, and even if they don’t seem to be quite there yet with their original work, I’m sure they’re well on their way.

Emma Tucker

Husband - Love Song / Slow Motion by Robot Elephant Records

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