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Following a spate of successful solo releases, the American duo Sepalcure – aka Machinedrum and Braille (recently signed to Hotflush for a solo EP) – are returning to Hotflush with a remix EP of their first release for the label; nicely tiding listeners over until the album which should arrive in the near future.

“Love Pressure” introduced Sepalcure to the world by way of their self-named, slightly tongue in cheek “luvstep” sound. Here the duo get three of the EP’s tracks remixed by close friends and allies including XI, fellow New Yorker FaltyDL, fellow label mate and one half of Lazersword Lando Kal, Jimmy Edgar and Daedelus – a spread of producers which reflects the duo’s open musical mind set and deep connections across genres and scenes.

XI, Lando Kal and FaltyDL each tackle the title track, coming up with three distinct versions which manage to build on the original’s emotive tones and vibe. XI goes for a bass heavy approach that works a treat by combining the original’s vocal samples with synth melodies that evoke West Coast G-Funk and a swing that hints at the best halfstep the dubstep scene has produced over the years. FaltyDL for his part stays true to his recent work taking the track into rhythmically intense territory with finely chopped breaks, edits and effects that will no doubt work a treat on the dancefloor despite its jittery vibe. Lando Kal meanwhile continues to explore deeper musical territories following his move to Berlin, with his version coming across as a perfect combo of Lazersword’s electronic hip hop swagger and house/techno vibes.

Not taking anything away from these three remixes; it’s the Jimmy Edgar and Daedelus ones that really steal the show for me. Jimmy Edgar – long term friend and collaborator of Machinedrum – takes “Every Day Of My Life”, one of the deeper and more hypnotising tracks on the original EP, and turns it into a sweaty dancefloor monster with an irresistible 4/4 rhythm combined with pulsating bass and nifty edits. At 7 minutes long, it’s a ride. Daedelus for his part also stays true to his recent work, by taking “Down” and transforming it - as only he can - into a rave anthem. It comes complete with hectic piano riffs, sped up and down breaks and vocals - and a groove that jars at first before your brain catches up with it and realises it’s actually pretty dope.

With the flurry of remix EPs and LPs of the last few years having died down, the “Love Pressure Remixed EP” shows that there is still plenty of potential in the concept as long as it’s not abused as a way of just putting on everyone you know and their dogs. Hotflush and Sepalcure bring forward five solid tracks that are as deserving as the originals. Now the wait for the album begins .

Laurent Fintoni

Down (Daedelus Remix)

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