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dBridge dBridgeLove Hotel / The Dim Light

8 / 10

dBridge  Love Hotel / The Dim Light EXIT RECORDS (EXIT022, 12”)

If you are looking for drum’n’bass, stay well clear of this record: dBridge slows down the speed of the break-beats to the point of making fall asleep to a slow, relaxing cadence allied with dubstep. We must call it downtempo for a better word to describe it, even if we can perceive characteristics of jungle there, as in the end these are weak, comatose, as if they were about to exhale for the last time and expire. To those who have been following dBridge’s trajectory since his split from Bad Company, for him to produce this type of material is not a “biggie.” Exit Records have been exploring this intimate and low pulse drum’n’bass for a while now, through Autonomic –club night, podcast, label and related to the mixed session dBridge and Instra:mental delivered for the Fabric series, where we already could listen to snippets of these two new tracks. “ Love Hotel” presents itself as one more step forwards in the process of disintegration and rhythmic annihilation: there is no latency, the beats are a minimalist version of electro and the composition weight falls on the vapourous synths with references to erotic and sci-fi films. It could easily be the soundtrack of a cyberpunk thriller with a love story plot running behind, a raunchy “Blade Runner,” but not at any point something Andy C would play at his birthday party. In “ The Dim Light,” drum’n’bass resurfaces as a rhythmic structure but again with a slower beat á la Photek focusing on the ambience of the song. Could this be a new “ The Hidden Camera” ? “Love Hotel / The Dim Light” won’t alter the legacy of jungle, like the former did, but they do demonstrate the desire to break off from the past with excellent execution. Claude T. Hill

dBridge - Love Hotel (EXIT022) Forthcoming Exit Records (CLIP) by stholdings

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