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Lost Twin Lost TwinLost Twin EP

9 / 10

Lost Twin Lost Twin EP THROW SOME SHAPES (losttwin.bandcamp.com, digital)

The first thing to grab my attention on the bandcamp page were the words “spanish beatmaker”. Is it possible this is “made in Spain” and we somehow hadn’t found out about it before now? It’s a spiritual vision: Shlohmo from Seville, our very own Baths. Later on, I investigated further to discover that behind Lost Twin there lies a man with a musical past. Carlos R. Pinto, the artist from Andalucía who until now we’ve known better as Neo (start sharing the love here), launches a new alias and sound with the support of record label Throw Some Shapes. Avoiding the hip-hop route, he drives down more experimental roads with this project, adopting a new musical persona. Nevertheless, neither heat from the rap scene nor placid background sounds are to be found on the four tracks from the EP. Carlos selects jazzy and precious details from his Neo project to have a place here, which in this instance are in the service of 60s psychedelic samples, glitch-hop syncopation and IDM layers. The beatmaker rhythmics drive the EP along so far, until the IDM is the chosen path, albeit with poppy tones. “ Meridiano” sounds like a Telefon Tel Aviv reject –in the best sense of the reference- and “ Changes” is, literally, a midsummer’s night dream. Watch it bRUNA, you have competition.

Mónica Franco

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