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Cliffordandcalix CliffordandcalixLost Founding Remix EP

8 / 10

Cliffordandcalix  Lost Founding Remix EP APERTURE (AP002EP, 12”)As we mentioned recently in the “Cocooning” column, “Lost Founding” is an exercise in musical archaeology which relocates the position of certain artists in the history books. Mark Clifford –leader of the reformed Seefeel– once created shimmering electronic pop alongside Chantal Passamonte – Mira Calix (forever Warp’s girl), but the efforts were never released, and instead became lost until Andrea Parker decided to release them. To complement the album and as a treat for the fans, this 12” adds four remixes that circle the peripheries of the IDM, colouring the originals with dark tones and giving them a new lease of life. There is nothing new here, neither it will re-define bedroom electronica, instead we find an off-club sound by Luke Vibert who has a ball with some funny breaks and your typical acid baselines as on “ One 2 Far”. Then there’s three different versions of “ Beethaven”. On the first one, Andrea Parker and Daz Quayle get straight to the point with the trademark tenebrous sound of heavy low-frequencies which they have been perfecting over the last decade and half. On the second one, Majestic 12 follow more or less the same formula, but with a beefier and somehow mechanical approach. Most intriguing is the remix that ends this maxi-single, by Simon Pyke, otherwise known Freeform. He delves into ambient textures -gooey and unpleasant- trying to capture the essence of “Lost Founding”. Sleep-walking pop to accompany a reading of a 19th Century horror story, maybe something á la Edgar Allan Poe. Javier Blánquez

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